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New and wrapped in the original package, the Korean Air Queen Nano masks in black and white colors are effective protection for the comfort of your breathing. Very comfortable and functional design. Each order contains individually wrapped and sealed. Adjustable nose clips and soft nose pads can help different users achieve good face adhesion and reduce the possibility of glasses fogging. Black and white mask Air Queen Made in South Korea.

  • Strict quality control - produced by a company specializing in the manufacture of masks
  • High protection rate up to 99%
  • Better breathability
  • Can be used repeatedly for two weeks
  • Easy to use with alcohol
  • Light weight
  • Does not cause a rash
  • Patented
  • Non-medical
  • Registered with the US Food and Drug Administration FDA
  • NANO FIBER FILTER – Our product uses a filter made of nano fibers that allows easy breathing
  • Made in South Korea. | Air Queen - The date printed on the packaging is the production date, not the expiration date.”제조means “made”

>>How to choose the right face mask<<

The face mask should be easy to wear and should also provide a comfortable fit for the face. The whole purpose of wearing a mask is useless if it doesn't fit your face properly and leaves gaps on the sides or top. Therefore, make sure that the mask fits your face properly.

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Made in Korea

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